In the long tradition of excellence reminiscent of Tiffany mosaics, Stewart Ritwo, president of LODESTAR, Statements in Stone, considers himself the torch bearer of the Old Masters. "My mission and passion in life is to create distinctive statements in stone using all of the world's natural resources which will become the heirlooms of the future."

LODESTAR is the top specialist in the field of custom stonework and ornamental stone inlay, also known as pietre dure. Combining the time-honored art of Florentine mosaic with modern technology, LODESTAR works closely with designers and architects to create luxe decorative surfaces for floors, walls, tables, and vanities from its palette of more than 150 semi-precious and naturally hard stones.

The company was conceived, developed and founded by Mr. Ritwo after an extensive global search brought him into contact with Egyptian expatriates who were refining their craft of cutting, polishing and engraving colored gemstones with H. Stern jewelers in Brazil. They went on to develop the proprietary machinery for cutting and polishing the stones that are now used in the LODESTAR projects.

In their workshops in Europe, Asia, South America, and the U.S., the artisans at LODESTAR, in business since 1986, employ techniques that incorporate hand-cut and hand-set semi-precious and natural hard stones in unique designs. Stock mosaic designs range from ornate, traditional florals to stylized art nouveau and art deco treatments and clean restrained geometrics.

In addition to stock items, designers and architects can create and specify original custom designs to be translated into stone mosaic on any surface imaginable, using such stones as malachite, sodalite, serpentinite, and onyx in a wide variety of color and styles, from Italianate to high-tech geometrics, from private residences to corporate logos for such high-identity areas as reception room walls ands floors and conference rooms.

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