Custom Design Services

Custom Design Services

LODESTAR, Statements in Stone provides custom design services from line drawing to color drawing to final production and installation.

With over 20 years of experience, LODESTAR, Statements in Stone is available to help architects, designers, and private clients evaluate, specify, detail, and fabricate natural, hardstone, and semi-precious stone installations for both residential and commercial projects.

We can create an identical antique reproduction based on authentic period art pieces or research one from our extensive archive library. We also create custom-designed work following your most exquisite discriminating requests, or simply adapt an existing model or design.

LODESTAR's Design Department can be involved from complete concept to faithful reproduction of the customer's concepts, drawing, or electronic files. LODESTAR will generate original concepts, collaborate or consult with your designers, and select materials.

In our Manhattan showroom our knowledgeable sales staff offer information on stones and stone samples for all your custom design projects.

Technical Support
Our Technical Support department offers technical reading information, stone matching services as well as site inspections for projects requiring more detailed installations. Our Design Information Specialists' vast knowledge of stones' properties, relevant technical information and design suggestions are invaluable support for the architect or designer planning a project with natural, hardstones, and semi-precious stones.

Estimates are available for budget figures as well as are more detailed quotations based on quantity surveys, schematic sketches or architectural drawings.

Drafting Services
Our in-house Drafting Services department generates technical proposals from architectural plans that include properly scaled elevations, floor plans, shop drawings, sketch details and color renderings as well as samples and strike-offs when required.

Fabrication and Installation
LODESTAR offers in-house fabrication and installation with our own workshops located around the world, where excellent quality control is always maintained. Our special Installation Service Team can handle on-site installation details and project recommendations for our clients, insuring the highest quality workmanship. At our facilities most of our stone materials are in stock and are available for your viewing and selection.

From concept sketches to detailed color rendering and material selection for customer approval, LODESTAR works very closely with all of our clients to help them create distinctive statements in stone for their project.

Line Drawing

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Color Drawing

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Final Production and Installation

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