Designers and
Architect Partners

Designers and Architects Who Have Commissioned
LODESTAR, Statements in Stone

In its 20 years in business, LODESTAR, Statements in Stone has been commissioned by some of the finest and most highly acclaimed designers and architects working in the field. Here is a select list of designers and architects who have commissioned our work. Please see our Project Gallery for photos of installations commissioned by them:

Peter Marino, Architect
Juan Pablo Molyneaux, Interior Designer
Jed Johnson and Associates, Interior Designers
Noel Jeffrey, Interior Designer
Samuel Botero, Interior Designer [see project 1; see project 2; see project 3; see project 4]
Michael La Rocca, Interior Designer [see project]
Ken Hurd & Associates, Interior Designer [see project]
Albert Hadley, Interior Designer
Ellie Winn, Interior Designer [see project]
Ken Alpert, Interior Designer
Sherill Canet, Interior Designer
Harry Schnaper, Interior Designer
Wynn Design and Development, Architects and Interior Designers [see project]
Rodger Thomas, Interior Designer [see project]
QP & K, Architects [see project]
Costas Kondylis, Architect [see project]
MAC II, Architects
V3 Design, Architects [see project]
Pavlik Design Team, Architects and Interior Designers [see project 1; see project 2]
SCR Design, Architects [see project]
Jan Jones International, Interior Designers
Bent Severin & Associates, Interior Designers [see project 1, see project 2]
Taisei Corporation, Japan, Architects [see project]

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